A Fast Heating System Repair & Other Services

Ditch the blankets and leave the layers for the outdoors with a heating system installation from 3 Brothers Mechanical in Hudson, New Hampshire. Whether you need a heating system repair or regular maintenance, we keep your home or business toasty during the worst winter weather. Contact us today to discuss your boiler options and start on your path to warmth.

While the winter months bring the holidays and fun-filled snow days, they also bring a bitter chill to homes and businesses throughout the area. During the winter, when our average high hovers somewhere around 30 degrees, you'll stay warm and cozy with a new heating system.

Whether you want to update the energy efficiency of your current system or install a new unit in your Hudson home, our technicians are here to help. Our team is happy to assist you in the selection process for your heater. Once you have chosen the perfect unit for your location, we offer the following:

  • Boiler Installations
  • Furnace Installations
  • Heat Pump Installations
  • Water Heater Installations

Temperature Control

Oil Boilers vs. Gas Boilers: Making Your Choice

As winter weather starts to move in, many home and business owners look for the best ways to keep their locations warm. A big debate involves deciding between an oil or gas boiler for your building. While both of these setups have their own pros and cons, the final decision is based on your unique needs. Our staff of experts works with you to make the right choice for your new boiler.

Residential Boiler Unit

Regular Maintenance: The Key to Success

No matter how reliable your heating system is, over time there is always a risk of something going wrong. The key to ensuring that your unit remains efficient and functional winter after winter is to conduct regular maintenance on it. Our knowledgeable team understands the setup of every system on the market. When you work with us, you'll address minor issues before they become an expensive problem.


Water Heater Services

When the temperature outside dips below freezing, there is nothing more relaxing than taking a hot shower or bath. We offer a range of [HVAC repair] link to 3P and installation services for most water heater units, regardless of age or model. Whether your water heater is making too much noise, stops producing hot water, or just isn't working, call us for help.


Energy-Efficient Geothermal Heating

For lower electric bills, choosing to install geothermal heating and cooling systems can be a worthwhile investment. At 3 Brothers Mechanical in Hudson, New Hampshire, we perform a full geothermal installation for homes and businesses.


Geothermal Installation: A Smart Investment

Energy consumption has been in the news a lot lately. It seems like each day, there is a new proposal for how we can cut down on our energy costs to reduce our carbon footprint.

A new geothermal heating and cooling system gives you a way to accomplish these goals without spending thousands on your unit. With its unique heat transfer method, this system allows you to use the ground below your building and the air around it to keep your location comfortable during every month of the year. Since there is only one unit, you don't have to spend money to keep two systems maintained.


Keeping You Warm

Don't let the winter weather get you down. Even during a big snowstorm or deep freeze, your geo thermal system will keep your residence or business a warm and toasty temperature. The unit follows a unique heat transfer process to keep you comfortable. During use, it draws heat from the ground in order to warm your location.


Cooling You Down

While the New Hampshire area never reaches the same sweltering temperatures that you would find down south, we still experience our fair share of heat. During the summer months, there is nothing more relaxing than coming home to an air-conditioned home after a long, hot day at work. However, with conventional air conditioners, many homes and business owners find themselves waiting for the system to start working.

As the mercury rises outside, your unit has to work extra hard, leading to higher energy bills and a greater chance of something going wrong with your system. A geothermal system keeps you cool like a traditional air conditioner does, but by following a different technology. During the summer, the unit transfers heat out of your building and into the ground, preventing the risk of backflow.

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